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SERVICE & SUCCESS for the Holistic Business Owner

Spirit, Mind and … Money?

If you are a heart-centered business owner struggling to stay afloat …
If your dream of making a difference is strapped by limited time, income or resources …
If the business you started to give you more freedom has become a never-ending “job” …
If you’re maxed-out on giving and don’t know how to break through …

And if you know what you’ve got to offer can transform lives …

This Book is for You!

No matter what it is you do, Spirit, Mind & Money is for YOU if you’d love a business that supports you, serves others, and connects you with a greater life purpose. Whether you are an author, speaker, teacher, product or service provider, coach, artist, or healer … if you’ve struggled with translating your gifts, talents and calling  into a viable business — one that supports you without over-work, burn-out or too little income — you’ll find great value here.

Some of the best wisdom for coaches and holistic practitioners anywhere

In her new book Spirit, Mind & Money Dawn DelVecchio delivers some of the best wisdom for coaches and holistic practitioners anywhere. The new perspectives will enable the members of the heart-centered community to build their businesses in a powerful way, and finally be paid what they
are worth. This book is a breath of fresh air, in great contrast to traditional marketing books that don't often speak to the transformational market. It's essential reading for the new (or stuck) practitioner!

Pamela Bruner, Best Selling Author, 7-Figure Success Coach and Founder of Make Your Success Real Coaching

This book is sure to ignite some fires …

Dawn DelVecchio slays a “sacred cow” (finally someone did it!) that holds way too many spiritually-minded entrepreneurs back: that money is bad and wanting money is beneath the morals of the enlightened. With her “Ineffective Business Mindsets” and “Unexamined Money Mantras” the author reveals the mental-emotional disconnect that disempowers gifted experts by keeping them caught in a cycle of economic struggle. An essential read for any  helper, healer or service-provider who wants to make money by doing good in the world!

Loral Langemeier, International Wealth Expert and 5-time, NY Times Best-Selling Author


You Are Needed … More Than Ever!

I’ve written this book because it’s my heartfelt belief that your skills, services and vision are needed. At this juncture in our world, we need the Holistic Business Owners: the practitioners, healers, service-providers, coaches, artists, inspirational speakers, visionaries and change-agents; more than ever before. We need you to step up, play a bigger role in your communities and the world, and lead us into a healthier, more whole and healed world.

It is my certainty that if Spirit/God/Divine had the wherewithal to seed a vision and purpose within you, then the same force of All That Is absolutely has the wherewithal to provide a thriving living for you.

But there’s a caveat to that universal promise: You will have to cooperate with that vision. You will have to develop the business skills you need and clear up any contrary (often subconscious) beliefs, habits and excuses that can block your success.

“Abundance” is More Than
an Affirmation

As someone who transforms and uplifts lives with your good work in the world, true abundance means you will have to take the actions needed to create a thriving business. Because without the ability to thrive financially, you will find yourself (as so many others have) giving with an empty vessel – the very antithesis of an abundance life!

Ultimately, giving with an empty vessel helps very few, while harming self.

Abundance is more than simply a politically correct affirmation. We can affirm, light candles, do rituals and invoke “abundance” every day of our lives, but without key actions and mindset shifts, it will only ever take us so far …

At last a book that tackles the numerous misconceptions around money and spirituality. A must read for every heart-centered entrepreneur!

Dr. Joy Martina, Wholistic Psychologist and author of Sleep Your Fat Away

Spirit, Mind & Money leaves the spiritually-inclined reader motivated and confident in taking steps toward whatever it is we want. I found the Money Mindset Reframes in chapter eleven particularly choice content; once we realize that we are the source of our success, the small, everyday practices are required to keep us persistent.

Leslie Flowers, speaker and author of Champion, 21st Century Women, Guardians of Wealth & Legacy


Service & Success

Spirit, Mind & Money is intended to open up a conversation with the growing number of practitioners, healers, teachers, coaches, artists and heart-centered change-agents who truly want to be of service in the world. People who feel the calling to have greater positive impact, yet find themselves held back due to one or more of the following obstacles…

  1. A challenge translating their work into a meaningful message that attracts paying clients and customers.
  2. A lack key business-building skills.
  3. An outworn “blueprint” about money that locks them into financial limitation.

It’s my firm belief that if you are called to be of service in some way, then you are very needed in our world today, and that we would all benefit from your success as small business owners.

When you use what is offered in this book to gain insight, you are taking the first step toward healing and wholing your relationship to Money, Service and Success.

Some of what I share may challenge you. Some you may disagree with. I only ask that you remain open-minded and remember: YOU are needed. I wrote the book to help you reach and serve those who are waiting for you!


Spirit, Mind, Money … A Holistic Business Solution

There are four parts to this book. Together they make up what amounts to a Blueprint for a Holistic Business Owner to grow a healthy, sustainable, successful business. Each section of this book includes specific exercises for gaining clarity, building a plan, taking action, or evaluating ideas and beliefs that may not be serving you.

In Part I, we begin with a look at the Spirit of your Business. In this section you will discover why your Brand Message is critical and why so many Holistic Business Owners drop the ball on this, defaulting to modality speak and trying to serve everybody. We’ll also have a look at what it takes to create an Ideal Client profile, and why it’s so important to talk about that four-letter-word: pain.
Part II focuses on the Mind of your Business. It includes plenty of take-aways for building and marketing your business – both online and off. In fact, I designed Part II to be your marketing go-to reference. The best way to use it is to implement one or two things at a time, rather than feeling as if you need to apply all the suggestions at once. (In fact, please don’t try that! It will only lead to overwhelm and discouragement.) Instead, keep the book in your office after you’ve read it through, so that these strategies are always at your finger tips!
Part III demands your courage. This is when we slay some sacred cows around money, service and business success. So if you have struggled financially as you attempt to turn your soul purpose calling into a genuine living, this will quite probably be the least appealing part of the book for you. But it will also be the most important, because without it, no other business strategies, tactics or vision will help you.
Part IV ties it all together. This is where we look at how to reframe outdated ideas about money, elevate your ability to have more money, and allow you to provide great service while enjoying real business success. In short, Part IV is where we get you set up to thrive as a Holistic Business Owner.

Practical tools and the mindset adjustments you need to take

In turmoil about translating your purpose into a viable business? Frustrated with the monthly challenge of making ends meet? Struggling to get ahead or keep up? Dawn DelVecchio’s insights show you specific action steps to take to permanently leave behind the conundrum of high-service and low income. Spirit, Mind & Money brings you practical tools and the mindset adjustments you need to take a sacred vision or purpose and convert it into a financially stable and rewarding business. Dawn has done it. She’ll show you how too.

Dr. Ken Christian, Best Selling Author and Founder of Max Potential Project

I’ve finally found a book on “business” that doesn’t bore me to tears or clash with my values.

Spirit, Mind & Money isn’t just a book for “holistic business owners” … it’s a Holistic approach to business! I’ve finally found a book on “business” that doesn’t bore me to tears or clash with my values. The downright honesty about what it takes to grow a small business is greatly appreciated within the pages of Spirit, Mind & Money. Having worked directly with Dawn during my last business growth period, I realised the value of experience that Dawn brings to the courage required in becoming a ‘business-minded person.'

Caroline Muir Author of Tantra, The Art of Conscious Loving and Tantra Goddess, A Memoir of Sexual Awakening Founder of Divine Feminine Awakening

A must read for you

Dawn DelVecchio has hit the mark with Spirit, Mind & Money, providing a solid path for holisitic business owners to follow. The book helps them not only share their message and mission in a powerful way, it shows them how to receive the financial rewards that they are meant to enjoy. Throughout the book, readers are given the opportunity to remain connected to their spiritual path, become aware of thoughts and patterns relevant to their relationship with money and then, gently guided to move forward on the business side with step by step instructions. If you've got a big dream for your business (and life!) but your numbers aren't adding up to prosperity, Spirit, Mind & Money is a must read for you!

Nancy Matthews, Founder of Women's Prosperity Network

Your investment could easily pay for itself in increased income a thousand times over!

Reading Spirit, Mind & Money has inspired me to tighten the focus of my marketing more specifically on my clients' greatest challenges. For starters, my website homepage will soon feature a welcome video, an opt-in gift and a whole lot less clutter! I found Dawn's insights on how to reframe limited thinking about money especially valuable. Her writing style is warm, clear and encouraging, and the included worksheets make her helpful information easy to personalize and apply. Your investment in Spirit, Mind & Money could easily pay for itself in increased income a thousand times over -- for starters!

Benjamin Bernstein, Owner, astrologer, shamanic healer & awakening activator

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Dawn DelVecchio

About the Author

Dawn DelVecchio is a professional writer, marketing consultant and entrepreneurial business coach. She’s also been a luxury travel writer, a magazine editor, professional kick boxer, kick boxing coach, herbalist, ceremonialist and astrologer. Until recently, these diverse career paths shared one common denominator … they kept her close to broke.

After having a child as a young single mother, Dawn spent most of her adult life developing herself through spiritual study and practice while simultaneously living in chronic in financial struggle. She attributes the transformational change in her financial life to a change in her mindset around money.

Dawn understands firsthand the painful disconnect that happens when heart-centered helpers don’t address their relationship to money, and she’s on a mission of sorts, to open up a conversation on this sometimes taboo subject. Her goal is to support people who are called to have a greater impact with their work, so they don’t get stymied by subconscious blocks, faulty vows of poverty and what she calls “Unexamined Money Mantras.”

Spirit, Mind & Money shares Dawn’s story and the stories of others who have wrangled with these issues. More than that, it opens up this conversation and reveals a way out for those who feel called on a deep level to turn their soul work into a business that serves others and feeds them abundantly.


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